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In the News August 14, 2020

Handler in Lawfare: Normalizing Arab-Israeli Relations Through Cybersecurity Cooperation

By Atlantic Council

In a historic breakthrough yesterday, Israel announced the normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The announcement marked the first such relationship between Israel and a Gulf state and the third with an Arab state, after Egypt and Jordan.

There are a lot of reasons for the uptick in relations between Israel and other countries in the region, but cybersecurity cooperation has had a significant role to play.

In recent years, strategic military and cyber collaboration between Israel and its Arab neighbors has improved relations between longtime adversaries to a remarkable degree. Yesterday’s development deepens Israeli-Emirati relations beyond government-to-government cooperation, opening the door for more people-to-people exchange—a feature of stability that Israel and Arab states must pursue in order to maintain the momentum of the day and continue normalization across the region.

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