The Washington Post quotes Cyber Statecraft Initiative Director Jason Healey on what is needed in order to respond to the growing number of cyber attacks: 

What’s needed is new thinking about how to respond. Jason Healy of the Atlantic Council has warned that it is possible “the Internet will not remain as resilient, free, secure and awesome for future generations as it has been for ours.” We ought to act now for those future generations.


What’s appealing about a cyber-CDC is that it might enjoy the kind of widespread respect that the Atlanta-based disease-fighting agency has earned. The analogy with biological threats is not perfect; adversaries in cyberspace are man-made dangers that can be agile and avaricious. Yet there may be a kernel of a valuable idea here: to create a new, federally funded research and development center for the cyberuniverse. Mr. Healy has rightly pointed out that involving the private sector is critical; no solution can be government-only.

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