Federal Computer Week quotes Cyber Statecraft Director Jason Healey on the document recently released by the Pentagon which outlines potential scenarios in cyberspace:

Jay Healey, director of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative, said the document was a welcome departure from past military practice of over-classifying discussions of strategy.

“Just think of … the problems of classification over the last 10 years. By completely classifying ‘China’ and what was going on, treating it like it was a huge counterintelligence secret, it delayed us from trying to react to Chinese espionage, in ways, for decades,” he said.

Healey, a former member of a cyber war-fighting unit in the Air Force, hopes that making the document public will open up debate among experts and officials on U.S. military goals for cyberspace. Physical conflicts in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan came with at least some debate of strategy, he said, so why not the same for cyberspace?

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