Bloomberg quotes Cyber Statecraft Initiative Director Jason Healey on the US announcement that North Korea is behind the cyberattack on Sony:

Jason Healey, director of the cyber statecraft initiative at the Atlantic Council in Washington, said it’s unlikely the U.S. will retaliate against North Korea in cyberspace because the country’s Internet footprint is so small.

“It’s a little like unleashing the Air Force on the Islamic State,” Healey said. “If the bad guys only have pickup trucks, there is only so much damage you can do.”

The U.S. may opt to use an international panel like the one convened in 2010 after North Korea was suspected of sinking a South Korean naval vessel, killing 46 seamen, Healey said.

In that case, South Korea, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada and Sweden presented findings of a joint investigation, which further isolated North Korea.

“My hat is off to U.S. government to finally stand up and name and shame when it comes to a cyber-attack by another nation state,” Healey said. “But we have to be cautious in expecting too big a response.”

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