Cyber Statecraft Initiative Director Jason Healey is featured in SC Magazine:

Things may have appeared low-key last year in terms of high-profile malware threats, but when it comes to government cyber security, the relative quiet of 2013 probably means we’re just in the eye of the storm, according to security experts like Jason Healey, director of the cyber statecraft initiative at the Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs.

“My overall concern is, as it’s always been, is that it’s a lot easier to attack than defend on the internet. And this past year, I’m worried we may have slipped past the tipping point,” says Healey (left), who is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. “Attackers have always had the advantage, but now they may well have the supremacy. We may be moving from the Wild West to Somalia.”

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