Vox Ukraine published a speech by Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center Director John Herbst on the persistent corruption among Ukrainian elites:

Corruption remains a substantial problem in Ukraine. There has been a little bit of progress over the past year, but only a little bit – and very slow. In most circumstances, I would say, it is normal, not surprising, to see very slow progress. The alternative is a revolution or something akin to it.

Let me make just one point comparing the Georgia of Saakashvili [where reforms were implemented quickly and successfully] to the Ukraine of Yushchenko. If you look at the two in terms of their historical legacy, you would have to say that Saakashvili was much more influential and important figure. Because he really did turn Georgia in a new and very positive direction – and that is to his credit. But it is also true that in one important aspect Yushchenko was a more positive figure than Saakashvili. Of all of his failings – and they were substantial – Yushchenko was a democrat, and Saakashvili was an authoritarian. I am not going down that path right now because we do not have time and that’s not the subject.

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