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December 11, 2020

In the news: Dr. David Bray on how tech might shape the future of nation states

By GeoTech Center

The Ada Lovelace Institute recently highlighted the work of GeoTech Director Dr. David Bray. In his article, Dr. Bray looks at the world President-Elect Joe Biden will find as he is sworn into office in January 2021, which he says “will appear uncertain and plagued by deep lack of trust.” The author suggests “leveraging new technologies” will be key in Biden’s efforts to “ensure the United States emerges from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the deep economic recession and its polarised society, renewed, revitalised and rebuilt.”

The author argues that, unfortunately, those same technologies have also “collectively challenged a notion of nation states that dominated the twentieth century, by spawning transnational technology corporations that link human social movements in ways that surpass geographical boundaries.” Dr. Bray however also claims that, in this context, “success for the United States” will depend on “assemble[ing] a coalition of ‘digital democracies and more’, who seek not surveillance states, nor surveillance capitalism. Such a coalition,” he says, “would work across borders and sectors to build a world where we employ data and tech for greater digital empathy, diversity and shared humanity across nations and economic sectors.”

To conclude, the GeoTech Director states that, “while the speed at which things are changing might prevent us from deliberating or considering all choices as the future unfolds, some forethought and intentionality in those choices might behoove us well if we want a future that is inclusive, uplifting, and one that encourages productive collaborations across sectors and borders that benefit us all.”

Read the whole article at the link below.

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