On May 12, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Benjamin Jensen coauthored an article with US Naval Academy Professor Chris Inglis entitled “Government cybersecurity commission calls for international cooperation, resilience and retaliation.” The article, published in The Conversation, discusses the layered cyber deterrence strategy developed by the US Cyberspace Solarium Commission, on which Dr. Jensen served as senior research director. The strategy espouses three concurrent layers to deter cyberattacks: 1) shaping cyber behavior through diplomacy and new norms; 2) enhancing resilience to make cyberattacks less effective (i.e. deterrence by denial); and 3) imposing proportional costs against cyber transgressors (i.e. deterrence by retaliation). Imposing these layers simultaneously will be essential for ‘defending forward’ in cyberspace.

[N]ations that contemplate aggression in cyberspace will get the message: if you want to beat one of us, you’ll have to deal with all of us.

Benjamin Jensen and Chris Inglis

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