ELLE magazine named Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Ambassador-in-Residence Capricia Marshall to their “Ten Most Powerful Women in DC” list:

Capricia Marshall, Ambassador-in-Residence, Atlantic Council

Power moves:
Straight out of law school, Marshall started as Hillary Clinton’s aide on Bill’s first presidential campaign; she went on to be White House social secretary under him and U.S. chief of protocol for Obama—and she’s a member of Hillary’s inner circle.

Head start: “I grew up in a house that was the UN. My parents are both immigrants—my mother from Mexico and my father from Croatia. There were so many languages spoken. It bred in me this desire to learn about other cultures and share the richness of my own.”

Rules to live by for diplomats: “Always stay flexible, be respectful, and be open-minded. Diplomacy occurs when someone feels welcomed, even when you’re discussing very difficult issues.”

Should Hillary run? “Oh, yes! I’ve seen the world and leadership in various countries. Woman or man, we have not had a person as qualified as her, in terms of engagement with the world. There’s no one like her.”

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