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In the News September 8, 2020

Pandemic accents federal need for identification technology

By Atlantic Council

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have become increasingly reliant upon digital tools for their very survival. Whether in digital workspaces, or online applications for essential aid through unemployment insurance and other forms of relief, Americans have depended on digital resources to get through this tumultuous time. The crisis, though, has highlighted the weakness of much of the country’s digital infrastructure for handling such transactions, particularly in the lack of sufficient forms of digital identification. Dr. David Bray, Director of the Geotech Center, spoke to Signal magazine of the AFCEA about Canada’s implementation of a form of digital identification that allowed them to overcome some of the hurdles faced by the US Government as it attempted to support the population. 

“Canada’s racing ahead with identity management. It is worth looking at how Canada did their identity management successfully as an ally that we may be able to borrow lessons from,” Dr. Bray explained.

Read the whole article below to explore how the United States’ lack of a digital identification infrastructure has made responding to the challenges of COVID-19 more difficult.

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