Senior Vice President and Director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security Barry Pavel and Forward Defense Assistant Director Christian Trotti co-authored an article in the February 2022 edition of The Ripon Society’s magazine, titled “How the U.S. Can Deter Chinese Aggression into the Next Decade”. In light of recent Chinese hypersonic developments, the commentary argues that no single Chinese technology represents a “Sputnik moment” by itself; rather, it is the combination of these emerging technologies that poses the greatest risk. The article also reflects on how the United States must effectively integrate and leverage emerging technologies (as well as diplomacy) to compete with China in the ongoing revolution in military affairs (RMA).

There is an ongoing revolution in military affairs, and if China is the first to redefine the way that great powers fight and deter wars, there could be perilous geopolitical implications.

Pavel and Trotti, The Ripon Society

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