People-centered design principles for AI implementation

GeoTech Cues by Atlantic Council

Related Experts: David Bray, PhD, R “Ray” Wang,

Digital Policy Technology & Innovation

At an event hosted by MIT’s Sloan Management Review, Dr. David Bray, Director of the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center, and Mr. R “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research discussed how organizations can adopt AI in a people-centered manner. Dr. Bray and Mr. Wang discussed how even those organizations that seem unrelated to AI in most cases will soon make use of the technologies. AI allows organizations to make better, smarter use of their data, enabling more educated and efficient decisions. With this fact in mind, both speakers emphasized that all organizations must seriously consider their approach to using AI. Companies must ensure that the development of their AI tools does not come at the expense of people, both within and outside of their organization. Crucially, AI must be seen as a tool to augment human employees rather than an asset to replace them.

Watch the event to learn more about the people-centered design principles.