On May 12, Preble joined his co-hosts on the Net Assessment podcast to discuss space policy and to what extent cooperation on space governance is feasible at this point in time. 

“People all over the world are ever-more dependent on assets in space for normal activity in their daily lives, but there are few rules of the road in place to manage space behavior. Will it be possible to develop a system of cooperation that allows for freedom of movement in space but also protects the economic and national security of all countries? Should we be concerned about the rapid growth of private satellites and related equipment in space? Secretary of Defense Austin said that ‘Space is already an area of great power competition.’ Given the interests of China, Russia, and the United States in space, are we heading into a space arms race?

“Chris has an attaboy for a thrilling victory at the Kentucky Derby, Zack remembers a friend who has departed too soon, and Melanie doubles down on America.”

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