Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Director Peter Schechter and Deputy Director Jason Marczak write for the Des Moines Register on why liberalizing relations with Cuba should be important to Iowa primary voters:

The future of the US-Cuba relationship — and the doors it could open for agriculture — is not an issue that should remain confined to Washington politics. Iowa’s poultry, corn, and soybean farmers stand to gain from a new export market in dire need of more imported foodstuffs. The removal of Cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list and the imminent announcement to reopen embassies are important, but will do little to bring about more agricultural exports.

So why aren’t we hearing more about the agricultural opportunities in Cuba on the campaign trail? Presidential candidates crisscrossing Iowa, including governors and former governors of agricultural states, have ignored the potential for jobs and millions of dollars to come to the Hawkeye State.

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