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Apr 16, 2024

Advancing health and resilience policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Isabel Chiriboga, Martin Cassinelli, Diego Area

During an off-the-record private roundtable, thought leaders and practitioners from across the Americas discussed how to further enhance access to and finance for health services and products in the region.

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New Atlanticist

Oct 30, 2023

A warming world could unleash dangerous new pathogens. Metagenomics early warning tools are vital for pandemic prevention.

By Oluwayemisi Ajumobi

There is a need for policies that enable mainstream adoption and equitable scale-up of new genomic sequencing technologies capable of rapid and comprehensive surveillance of emerging biological threats. 

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Apr 27, 2023

Shalomov and Pelayo in the Jerusalem Post

By Atlantic Council

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Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Feb 18, 2023

Aviso LatAm: February 18, 2023

For the first time in nearly three years, Brazil registered zero pandemic-related deaths in a day

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Feb 16, 2023

Metzl on Fox News discussing the need to investigate the origins of COVID

On February 10, Scowcroft Strategy Initiative Nonresident Senior Fellow Jamie Metzl appeared on Fox News to discuss the need for a bipartisan 9/11-style commission investigating the origins of the COVID-19 virus. He asserts that the noncompliance of the Chinese governments is cause for worry, and further investigation is the best means to prepare for - or even stop - a future pandemic. Metzl stresses that this is a bipartisan issue that has seen agreement and consensus among members of both sides of the aisle. He also notes the lack of transparency on the part of the NIH in the work they were minimally funding in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Feb 6, 2023

Aviso LatAm: February 6, 2023

Dr, Jarbas Barbosa takes office as PAHO's new director

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Radar imagery, captured between January 25 and January 30, 2023, shows air defense system interference patterns. Source: DFRLab via Sentinel-1 on 5Ghz Interference Locator via Google Earth Engine)

New Atlanticist

Feb 3, 2023

Russian War Report: Satellite imagery indicates a build-up of air defense missile systems in southern Russia

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Satellite imagery suggests the build-up of air defense missile systems in southern Russia while Ukraine warns of a potential spring Russian offensive.

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Jan 26, 2023

How a health attache can elevate global health diplomacy

By South Asia Center

In his recently published issue brief "Health attaches are the missing link in global diplomacy," non-resident senior fellow Dr. Edmond Fernandes argues that health attaches are the missing piece in diplomacy. To launch the brief, the South Asia Center convened a panel of experts.

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Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Jan 21, 2023

Aviso LatAm: January 21, 2023

Protests in Peru descend into capital city Lima

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Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Jan 7, 2023

Aviso LatAm: January 7, 2022

Lula's return to power

Brazil Caribbean