Issue Brief

Jun 5, 2024

Policy memo: What will it take to make the MENA region a renewable energy powerhouse?

By Shihab Elborai, Anthony Yammine, and Pavel Popikov

The Middle East and North Africa region is well placed to become not just a major source of renewable energy, but also a central and indispensable player in the global energy transition, uniquely able to balance supply and demand for all types of energy, both hydrocarbons and renewables.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance


May 15, 2024

Saudi women are learning financial literacy and it’s helping the country grow

By Hanaa Almoaibed

Since the launch of Vision 2030, economic developments have pushed women to be more independent and in control of their finances.

Civil Society Economy & Business

Event Recap

May 13, 2024

How AI is reshaping the global business arena

By JP Reppeto

On April 25th, the Atlantic Council’s WIn Fellowship held a panel discussion exploring the projected impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the global business landscape, highlighting how AI-driven strategies are revolutionizing industries worldwide. The panel, which was moderated by Stefanie Falconi, Emerging Technologies Advisor at USAID, featured four experts working at the forefront of artificial […]

Economy & Business Future of Work

Event Recap

Feb 23, 2024

Driving change: women shaping an inclusive financial future in UAE

By JP Reppeto

Event recap on building a more sustainable and inclusive finance system in UAE.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation

Event Recap

Feb 22, 2024

Key strategies for Bahraini women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses across the MENA region

By JP Reppeto

Event Recap for the WIn Fellowship discussion on business scalability for Bahraini women in the MENA region.

Economy & Business Inclusive Growth


Feb 15, 2024

Unraveling Egypt’s political economy puzzle: It’s more than just economics

By Racha Helwa

Egypt's economy continues to operate using piecemeal economic reforms, which are hindered by strong Nasser-era remnants, resulting in a slow and inconsistent pattern of implementation.

Corruption Economy & Business

Event Recap

Feb 8, 2024

Transforming Saudi Arabia’s digital landscape through empowering women entrepreneurs

By Charles Johnson

Event recap for the Transforming Saudi Arabia’s digital landscape through empowering women entrepreneurs

Economy & Business Middle East


Jan 18, 2024

The real reason the Saudi government is investing in sports. Hint: It’s not to impress you.

By Stefanie Hausheer Ali and Jaime Stansbury

Saudi Arabia’s big financial bets in the sports world are part of its broader Vision 2030 plan to diversify the economy away from oil.

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy

Event Recap

Dec 15, 2023

Decoding the dynamics of venture capital in the MENA region

By Diane Mohamed & Rachel Friedman

Event Recap for the virtual discussion on venture capital in MENA region.

Economy & Business International Markets

Fast Thinking

Dec 13, 2023

The final report card for COP28

By Atlantic Council

Atlantic Council experts who were on the ground in Dubai share their insights on the agreement and the road ahead.

Africa Climate Change & Climate Action