Frederick Kempe

  • International Support Urged For Ukraine in Face of Russian Aggression

    “There is a war going on in the middle of Europe. A very hot war,” according to Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Ukraine’s vice prime minister for Euro-Atlantic integration, who urged policy makers to confront this “uncomfortable truth” about Russian aggression.

    Speaking in a panel discussion hosted by Ukraine House Davos in Davos, Switzerland, on January 22, Klympush-Tsintsadze said: “Ukraine needs to be given a hand, a shoulder, or some engagement to help against Russian aggression, especially in the year of elections.” Ukraine is gearing up for presidential elections on March 31.

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  • Davos Edition: China-US Contest 'Problem of Our Time'

    DAVOS, SWITZERLAND  Former U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley poses the most significant question hovering over the global future as the World Economic Forum's annual meeting opens here Monday.

    "Can the United States and China be strategic competitors and strategic cooperators at the same time?" Hadley asked. "It's what the world requires, but it's also never been done before."

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  • Two Years of Trump: Key Moments in Foreign Policy

    January 20 marks two years since US President Donald J. Trump took office. We take a look back at some of the big foreign policy headlines made by the president and his administration over these past two years.

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  • The Five Historic Shifts That Will Shape 2019

    Fresh back in DC from a Colorado ski vacation, it strikes me that the treacherous year ahead that we confront – littered with political, economic and security risks – presents all the challenges of a double black diamond ski run.
    Such slopes are signposted as such to warn skiers of an approaching terrain that is steeper, narrower, and bumpier than all but the most expert skiers can navigate, made even more unpredictable by frequent weather changes. Their bone-rattling obstacles are seen (trees) and unseen (snow-covered boulders). 

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  • ADNOC Announces New Oil and Gas Exploration Licenses at Atlantic Council’s 2019 Global Energy Forum

    Two offshore blocks ‘represent the beginning of a new wave of exploration,’ says Abu Dhabi National Oil Company CEO Sultan Al Jaber

    The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has awarded two new offshore blocs to Italian energy company Eni and Thailand’s Public Exploration and Production Company (PTTEP), ADNOC’s Chief Executive Officer and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Minister of State Sultan Al Jaber announced at the Atlantic Council’s 2019 Global Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi on January 12.

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  • Atlantic Council Top Ten of 2018

    As has been our practice, at the end of each year, the Atlantic Council staff and leadership select our colleagues’ work undertaken in the past year that has had the most impact. The result of this assessment is below, the "Atlantic Council Top Ten of 2018," which captures ten of our many significant achievements. We produce this list both to galvanize ourselves around the results-oriented body of work we do during these historic times and to inform the most important individuals in our worldwide community about our most exciting projects.

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  • Kempe joins CNBC to discuss how the U.S-China trade war could play out, as well as U.S.-Iran tensions

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  • Defense Secretary Mattis’ Resignation Letter is a Must-Read Warning About the Future

    The unprecedented nature of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ resignation letter to President Trump raises a host of disturbing questions. The most significant of them arise from Secretary Mattis’ suggested differences with his Commander-in-Chief regarding the value of allies — and the dangers of strategic, authoritarian competitors.

    Read Mattis’ words closely and they serve to both define and narrow the range of his possible successors to those who better embrace President Trump’s world view. The President will be looking for an individual who will share in his suspicion of allies (who he believes don’t carry sufficient defense burden while enjoying unfair trade benefits), and who will be more willing to work with adversaries, particularly Russia.

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  • Markets are Underestimating the Long-term Impact of Trump’s Fight with China

    This much is clear as 2018 screeches toward a close:

    President Trump’s foreign policy has shredded the status quo on a range of issues, from global trade and transatlantic relations to Iran and North Korea.

    Yet it is the Trump administration’s tough turn on China, captured dramatically by Vice President Mike Pence’s landmark speech at the Hudson Institute in October , that will have the most lasting global consequence, altering the terms of the epochal contest of our times.

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  • Atlantic Council's Leadership Outlines Vision for the Future

    The Atlantic Council’s outgoing interim chairman, retired US Marine Corps Gen. James L. Jones, Jr., implored policymakers and citizens to embrace the need for change in a rapidly transitioning world. “You rise and fall based on your ability to change when the environment around you changes,” he said. “If you cannot change. . . you [will] fail.”

    Jones was joined by John F.W. Rogers, Chairman-elect of the Atlantic Council and a Goldman Sachs executive and government service veteran, in a discussion with Atlantic Council President and Chief Executive Officer Frederick Kempe at the Council’s Annual Forum in Washington on December 14.

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