Opinions expressed by invited speakers or program participants do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the U.S. government, its affiliates, or the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center.

The third AI Connect webinar was held on May 26th, 2022. The event covered human-centered implementation of AI technologies and featured a keynote lecture from White House Assistant Director for Data and Democracy Dr. Sorelle Friedler. In her presentation, Dr. Friedler detailed the Administration’s commitment to AI technology principles that protect citizens’ privacy and promote individual liberty. She also introduced the AI Connect audience to the AI Bill of Rights, a document currently in development from the White House that outlines expectations for responsible AI technology within the United States. 

Next, the event featured an expert panel comprised of: Professor Rayid Ghani of Carnegie Mellon University; Alex Engler, a Government Studies Fellow with the Brookings Institution; Dr. Kathy Meier-Hellstern, a Principal Engineer with Google Research; and Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, Senior Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet. The panelists discussed practical methods for reducing bias and discrimination in AI systems and agreed on the overwhelming necessity for AI models and their training data sets to reflect evolving societal ideas and trends. They emphasized that AI engineers, political decision makers, and individual users alike should have a baseline knowledge of AI policy and systems in order to bridge the global AI technology gap and counter institutional and data biases. The event was moderated by Julian Mueller-Kaler, a Resident Senior Fellow at the GeoTech Center.