Global trust, both across nations and sectors, matters now more than ever. The economy of trust relies on innovation and invention, informed by data, to mitigate concerns surrounding the impacts and risks of emerging technologies.

The Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center produces its Economy of Trust newsletter. In partnership with SICPA and its project to open a Campus for the Economy of Trust. This newsletter highlights advances in technology and data activities that provide the opportunity to improve nations and sectors alike, centered around building trust and more transparent frameworks. While it may feel like the last decade has been a period of widening polarization and mistrust within societies, both SICPA and the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center believe we can reverse this trend and build resiliency into organizations and societies. SICPA’s Campus in Switzerland, at the heart of the Trust Valley initiative, embodies this vision. This newsletter aims to bring together the latest ideas and contributions on the topic. 

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