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The Atlantic Council is proud to announce the 2019-2020 Korea Journalist Fellowship Program. In partnership with the Korea Foundation, the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security will recruit the second annual class of Fellows in 2019. The Atlantic Council Korea Journalist Fellowship is a unique opportunity for early/mid-career US-based journalists working in US media to develop a deeper knowledge of the most critical economic and security issues on the Korean peninsula and in the Indo-Pacific more broadly. By engaging with the next generation of thinkers and policy shapers in Seoul and by working with leading experts in Washington, DC, Fellows will gain a better understanding of the current status and shifting perceptions that will affect the US-ROK relationship in years to come. Working with seasoned professionals in the Republic of Korea and the United States, Fellows will have the opportunity to broaden their professional portfolios while building lasting ties with their counterparts in the Republic of Korea. Ultimately, the Fellows will contribute to the Atlantic Council’s mission of enhancing cooperation between the United States and its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific in order to develop a community of like-minded nations that are committed to adapting, defending, and revitalizing the rules-based international system.


The Fellowship program looks at the future of the US-ROK alliance and examines how the United States and the Republic of Korea can work together in a changing geopolitical and economic environment by broadening the areas of cooperation between the two countries. The program will host eight to ten journalists interested in learning more about the Republic of Korea and its broader geopolitical environment. The Fellowship will begin in Fall 2019 and will include three private roundtables in Washington, DC as well as a trip to the Republic of Korea. The Fellowship application will open from October 23, 2019 to November 13, 2019. Deadline for 2019-2020 Atlantic Council-Korea Foundation Journalist Fellowship Program has been extended to Monday, November 25. The Atlantic Council plans to host two roundtables prior to the delegation trip to Seoul, which is tentatively scheduled to happen in Q1 2020. The trip schedule will be decided after the selection process is completed. The delegation will meet with high-level government officials, business leaders, and experts in the Republic of Korea. A final wrap-up roundtable will occur after the trip. Contingent on their selection as Fellows, journalists will commit to attending all three roundtables and joining the delegation on the ground in Seoul. Fellows should also be prepared to research at least one longer story during the program and are encouraged to publish at least one article/broadcast piece after the Fellowship, though they will retain full editorial control of said piece. The Fellowship will cover travel, lodging, meals, and transportation for the trip to Seoul. For Fellows who work outside of Washington, DC, the Fellowship will cover the cost of domestic flights to Washington, DC and hotel accommodations for the private roundtables.

The roundtables will feature a panel of leading experts, academics, and government officials with experience working on economic and security issues in the Indo-Pacific. The roundtables will be an opportunity for Fellows to learn more about significant issues affecting the Korean peninsula and the region, giving them an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of career foreign policy experts before the trip to Seoul. Fellows will be expected to stay up-to-date on any developments pertinent to US-ROK relations and to actively participate during the roundtable discussions.

2019-2020 Program – The US-ROK alliance in the Indo-Pacific

As both the United States and the Republic of Korea seek deeper engagement in Asia and the rest of the world, the US-ROK alliance must broaden its areas of cooperation both on and off the peninsula. Critical economic and security issues in the region continue to develop, including denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, Korea-Japan tensions, prospects for US-Korea-Japan trilateral cooperation, and intensifying US-China strategic competition. As such, journalists and the media will play a key role in ensuring that both policymakers and the general public are well-informed and engaged with the issues most relevant to the future of the US-ROK alliance. Atlantic Council Korea Journalist Fellows will be provided with opportunities during their Fellowship to meet with senior officials, seasoned journalists, and opinion leaders, enabling the Fellows to contribute to the ongoing dialogue taking place both on and about the future of the Korean peninsula.

Program Eligibility

Early- to mid-career journalists based in the United States and working in US media with experience covering foreign policy, international security, or Asian politics are eligible to apply. Candidates will have the following background:

  • A working journalist with at least 3-5 years of experience in media (radio, TV, print, digital) and a portfolio of published/broadcast work.
  • Interest in covering policy and politics and able to show past work in this area.
  • No Korean language skills are required.

Application and Selection Process

A complete application package will include:

  • A résumé of not more than one single-sided page in length;
  • A cover letter of not more than one single-sided page in length that includes the applicant’s area of interest for the Fellowship;
  • One letter of recommendation;
  • Two references (One reference may write the letter of recommendation);
  • Three examples of work, such as published articles, reports, news reels, etc., including links where applicable.

Please send all application materials, other than letters of recommendation, in a single email to by the deadline. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly by the recommender. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their recommenders send their letters in before the deadline.

Expectations for Fellows

  • Fellows should be prepared to research at least one longer story during the course of the Fellowship based on interests outlined in their applications.
  • Fellows must commit to participating in the three private roundtables in Washington, DC and must join the delegation trip to Seoul.
  • Fellows will be encouraged to publish at least one article or broadcast piece during or after the Fellowship. Editorial control and decisions remain with the Fellows. 

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