Africa Center Visiting Fellow Aubrey Hruby cowrites for the Huffington Post on how President Obama handled the US-Africa Leaders Summit:
Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham writes for Yale Global on the recent US-Africa Summit and the need for concrete policy measures to maintain momentum: 
The Africa Center hosted a busy week of events around the US-Africa Leaders Summit, welcoming four heads of state, the head of a regional governmental organization, numerous ministers, corporate executives, and other stakeholders for lively and thoughtful conversations about the important African issues of the day. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite photos from the week—we hope they will give you a feel for the breadth and diversity of our events, and the interesting discussions they provoked among participants.

Africa's demographic trends have been gaining attention for years, and our last maps for this week show why. Africa today has just over 1 billion people, but by the end of this century it is projected to hold more than 4 billion. Nigeria is a major part of the story; already Africa's most populous country with approximately 178 million people, its population is projected to grow to more than 900 million by 2100. Or in other words, in 2100 almost every fourth African will be a Nigerian.

Africa Center Visiting Fellow Aubrey Hruby writes for the National Interest on how the threat of Ebola affected the US-Africa Leaders Summit:

Defense One quotes Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on the progress and pitfalls of the US-Africa Leaders Summit:
Africa Center Visiting Fellow Aubrey Hruby writes for CQ Roll Call on competing with China in the African market:
Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham joins PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly  to discuss an emergent Africa that is increasingly confident politically, economically, and religiously: 

In a public address at the Atlantic Council, Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki urgently called on the United States and its Western partners to support his country’s fight against terrorism. He warned that without their help to secure the country in the run-up to elections, terrorists will seek to destabilize the country, and thereby threaten Tunisia’s transition to democracy. 

Marzouki cautioned that without international support against terrorism in Tunisia, “you can say goodbye to democracy in the Arab world for a century.”

The Hill quotes Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on the solutions policymakers are trying to come up with to face the challenges discussed at the US-Africa Leaders Summit: