• Cohen in The Hill: Election Shows Russians Embrace Putin, Reject the West

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  • Gopalaswamy and Manning in Foreign Policy: Is Abdulla Yameen Handing Over the Maldives to China?

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  • Ukraine's Foreign Minister Says Salisbury Attack Proves Putin Has ‘No Red Lines’

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin came to Brussels this week to meet European Union (EU) foreign ministers. He had a dual mission.

    Klimkin made his usual appeal to his European counterparts for more help for Ukraine, but also asked them to do more to protect themselves from a Kremlin he says has no limits after Vladimir Putin’s effortless reinstallation as president on March 18.

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  • Trump in a China Shop

    Attention Walmart shoppers: Those cheap electronics and apparel with “Made in China” tags on them will soon cost more.

    US President Donald J. Trump on March 22 slapped $60 billion in tariffs on China, retaliating against its theft of technology and trade secrets.

    The tariffs come at a particularly delicate time as the Trump administration requires China’s support for dealing with the North Korean nuclear crisis.

    While most analysts agree with Trump’s assessment of the China problem, they also say that tariffs are unlikely to change Chinese business practices. The United States had a $375 billion trade deficit with China in 2017, nearly two-thirds of the total US global trade deficit. What would get China’s attention is reciprocity in terms of business practices.

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  • A Renewed Foresight in Middle Eastern Diplomacy: India’s Role at the Table

    Recent aviation agreements connecting Saudi Arabia, India, and Israel signal potential openness toward improving relations in light of growing geopolitical and security concerns.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on March 7 that Saudi Arabia granted permission to Air India to use Saudi airspace for direct flights from Delhi to Tel Aviv, affirming allegations leaked in Israeli press in February. Direct flights from Delhi to Tel Aviv over Saudi airspace will begin March 22. Thus far, Saudi officials have remained mum.

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  • Michael Carpenter Joins joins Ali Velshi to Discuss President Trump Congratulating Vladimir Putin on His Election Win

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  • Crucial EU Initiative that Outs Kremlin Lies Under Fire

    A crucial program that identifies Kremlin methods of disinformation has come under attack. Alarmingly, one of the key accusations is that its activities constitute an attempt to restrict freedom of speech. The situation could not be more absurd. 

    The program running into such controversy is the East Stratcom Task Force and the EU vs Disinfo website that the task force runs. Back in March 2015, EU heads of state decided to create the task force, to be run by the European External Action Service, in response to Russian disinformation campaigns.

    Russia’s “information war” had escalated in 2014, with disinformation and virulent propaganda used to justify its annexation of Crimea and military aggression in eastern Ukraine. It was probably the downing of MH17 on July 17, 2014, with the death of 298 passengers, that served as a wake-up call to the West, 

    While establishing the task force in response, however, there was disagreement between the twenty-eight member states, with those nearest to Russia supporting broader measures, while others wanted a narrower scope in order to avoid antagonizing Russia. 

    As a result, the task force has been under-resourced and under-staffed, and it is an enormous credit to its team that they have achieved so much.

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  • How the US Can Shore Up Ukraine’s Vulnerabilities in the Black Sea

    Four years after the invasion of Crimea and the Donbas, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine continues unabated. For all the failures of the government in Kyiv to reform, Ukraine is still fighting our war. Were it not for Ukrainians’ willingness to defend themselves, NATO would be spending a fortune to reform its past structures and procedures and defend its members against Russian threats. For if Ukrainian independence and/or territorial integrity were suborned by Russia, NATO would be obliged to raise large defenses for Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in addition to the Baltic detachments already in force. Yet in too many NATO capitals, there is an unwillingness to recognize that Putin is constantly escalating his war against the West as shown by the latest chemical warfare attacks in Salisbury, England. Therefore rendering Ukraine the help it needs even as we pressure it to reform continues to be in US national interests.

    One neglected area where we can render material assistance to Ukraine and advance our own self-interest is the naval sphere.

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  • Fried Quoted in Yahoo on Western Sanctions Against Russia

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  • Ullman in Observer: Putin’s Re-Election Ensures 6 More Years of Rocky Relations

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