Atlantic Council Members Program

A Global Network with a Global Purpose

The Atlantic Council Members Program brings together individuals committed to addressing the host of emerging challenges and opportunities facing the Atlantic Community today. Its members are some of our best ambassadors, bringing awareness of our work to governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and the private sector. They participate in the Atlantic Council's dynamic activities while at the same time supporting our crucial work financially.



  • Join a Global Network: Members join a global community of fellow individuals committed to ensuring the Atlantic community remains a powerful catalyst for global cooperation and a cornerstone of US engagement with the world. 
  • Exclusive Invitations: Members receive special invitations to unique and exclusive programming with Directors, Senior Fellows, and other experts from around the globe. Some of the key membership opportunities include invites to monthly conference calls, quarterly roundtables and events around the country, as well as invitations to study trips.
  • Annual Forum: Members are invited to participate in an annual forum in the spring in Washington, DC. This high-level discussion tackles some of the most-pressing geopolitical risks, emerging trends, and global strategy, and will engage Council members with leading policymakers, diplomats, executives, and with each other on the issues shaping our future.
  • Support with a Purpose: Whether your passion is regional, or functional, the Members Program provides a unique home to earmark a portion of your support to those items most important to you.

A full explanation of the program and benefit levels can be found here.

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