The Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum annually convenes the world’s top energy and foreign policy decisionmakers to set the global energy agenda for the year ahead and examine the longer-term geopolitical and geoeconomic implications of the changing energy system. The Forum is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, ADNOC, and Mubadala.

Now in its fifth year, the Forum has emerged as the go-to energy conference to discuss the geopolitical and market issues confronting the energy industry in the coming year, develop new partnerships, and demonstrate thought leadership on global energy trends. The 2021 Forum will have a special focus on the post-pandemic energy system, emerging net-zero carbon goals, the role of the Middle East in the energy transition, and the US’s energy and foreign policy priorities in the Biden administration. Offered in a new virtual setting, the 2021 Forum will feature our Atlantic Council conference app that allows participants to network directly with one another, ask questions during live events, post on virtual boards, and connect with featured sponsors.

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Mon, Jan 18, 2021

The Global Energy Agenda

The inaugural edition of the Global Energy Agenda provides context for the unprecedented year that has passed. It features a survey of thought leaders in the energy sector, as well as a series of essays by the leading figures in energy, to set the energy agenda for 2021.

Global Energy Agenda by Randolph Bell, Jennifer T. Gordon, Paul Kielstra, and Andrew Marshall (Editors)

Energy & Environment Geopolitics & Energy Security


Day 4 – January 22, 2021

Day 3 – January 21, 2021

Day 2 – January 20, 2021

Day 1 – January 19, 2021

Global Energy Forum presents

An #ACFrontPage special event

Prince Charles, Bernard Looney and Brian Moynihan discuss the private sector’s transition to a sustainable future and the evolution of corporate climate pledges into impactful actions with Fred Kempe in a special edition of #ACFrontPage presented by the Global Energy Forum.

Media mentions

Yahoo News: Prince Charles says ‘the dam has burst’ as companies join his environmental campaigning
Daily Mail: Prince Charles calls for new Marshall Plan-style strategy to tackle climate change in bid to save the planet
Express UK: Prince Charles issues crisis warning and demands post-war style plan – ‘Clock is ticking’

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The Global Energy Center promotes energy security by working alongside government, industry, civil society, and public stakeholders to devise pragmatic solutions to the geopolitical, sustainability, and economic challenges of the changing global energy landscape.



Mon, Feb 8, 2021

How to design an energy transition that includes everyone—including the most vulnerable

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an “interdependent” world with “huge issues of inequity,” said Sunita Narain, director general of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Without addressing these realities, “we cannot deal with the virus, and it’s the same with climate change.”

New Atlanticist by Katherine Walla

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

Thu, Jan 28, 2021

As the aviation industry recovers from one crisis, it is looking to the next: climate change

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated “the most severe crisis for aviation ever,” said Marc Hamy, vice president of corporate affairs, sustainability, and environment at Airbus. But there's another crisis on the horizon for the aviation industry: “increasing pressure coming from climate change. So we absolutely need to recover from this crisis in aviation, and at the same time we’ll have to manage the most important transition in the history of our sector: decarbonized aviation.” Hamy added.

New Atlanticist by Katherine Walla

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

Tue, Jan 26, 2021

Why companies are getting more involved in the campaign against climate change

BP, the world’s fourth-largest energy conglomerate, and Bank of America, the world’s ninth-largest bank are among the companies endorsing a charter likened to a recovery plan for the planet. Dubbed the Terra Carta, the charter commits them to working toward goals related to meeting global net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

New Atlanticist by Larry Luxner

Economy & Business Energy & Environment

Mon, Jan 25, 2021

How climate change can become a bipartisan issue in the Biden era

Fighting climate change should not become a partisan issue, said US Senator Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware who co-chairs the fourteen-member Bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus.

New Atlanticist by Larry Luxner

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

Fri, Jan 22, 2021

COP26: The key trends to watch ahead of the world’s next climate conference

COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland—delayed until November 2021—is more likely to produce significant results now that US President Joe Biden occupies the White House, said a group of experts meeting virtually the day after Biden’s inauguration.

New Atlanticist by Larry Luxner

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

Fri, Jan 22, 2021

Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum sets the 2021 energy agenda

Fifth annual conference, part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, concludes after week of high-level discussions on the post-pandemic energy system, the global energy transition, and priorities for the new US administration

Press Release

Energy & Environment

Thu, Jan 21, 2021

The many new ways energy and national security are intersecting

Oil and gas will still play a crucial role in the world’s economy even as clean-energy “electrostates” rise in prominence, and Biden will prioritize the threat of climate change like no president has before him.

New Atlanticist by Larry Luxner

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

Wed, Jan 20, 2021

Choosing wisely: How the Biden administration can build a better coalition on international energy and climate policy in a post-COVID world

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have inherited a country deep in crisis. At the same time, President Biden has asserted that the United States will regain its mantle of leadership of the liberal order, reset its international partnerships, and, perhaps most importantly, rebuild as a clean, green superpower putting the global community back on track to meet its climate commitments.

Report by David L. Goldwyn, Andrea Clabough

Energy & Environment United States and Canada

Wed, Jan 20, 2021

Why Iran could top Biden’s Middle East agenda

Each crisis represents a major US foreign-policy challenge, but all may receive less attention from the new American administration than another pressing issue in the region: Iran’s recent nuclear advances.

New Atlanticist by Larry Luxner

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance

Wed, Jan 20, 2021

Transcript: A global view of Joe Biden’s inauguration

Many in the global community sat and watched the US presidential inauguration. Here's what these experts think of the important moment and what it means for the rest of the world.

Transcript by Atlantic Council

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance