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Event Recap

November 20, 2020

Event recap | Trust and risk in the software supply chain

By the GeoTech Center

Event description

On Friday, November 20, the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative and the GeoTech Center jointly hosted a private roundtable to discuss policy and technical recommendations to bolster the security of and trust in the software supply chain. Ms. JC Herz, Cofounder and COO at Ion Channel , and Mr. David London, Senior Director at the Chertoff Group, opened the roundtable with a moderated discussion on industry’s perspectives regarding trust and risk in the supply chain, before discussion was opened up to the broader roundtable. Watch the full recorded session of the lively conversation above.

Issue briefs and reports

Jul 26, 2020

Breaking trust: Shades of crisis across an insecure software supply chain

By Dr. Trey Herr, William Loomis, Stewart Scott, June Lee

Software supply chain security remains an under-appreciated domain of national security policymaking. Working to improve the security of software supporting private sector enterprise as well as sensitive Defense and Intelligence organizations requires more coherent policy response together industry and open source communities.

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