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Mon, Sep 13, 2021

Cyber defense across the ocean floor: The geopolitics of submarine cable security

The vast majority of intercontinental global Internet traffic—upwards of 95 percent—travels over undersea cables that run across the ocean floor. The construction of new submarine cables is a key part of the constantly changing physical topology of the Internet worldwide. However, this dependence is not matched by increased security, leaving our undersea cables—the core of the global internet—at risk.

Report by Justin Sherman

Cybersecurity Europe & Eurasia

Thu, Jul 22, 2021

The 5×5—If it blinks, it sinks: Adventures in securing operational technology

With rising sophistication, automation, and interconnectivity in operational technologies, security has become an overwhelming need.

The 5×5 by Will Loomis, Simon Handler

Cybersecurity Geopolitics & Energy Security

Fri, Apr 23, 2021

#94: Shift the Landscape for Adversaries After Sunburst

By: Emma Schroeder and Will Loomis What is the kernel of the issue? Information sharing on cybersecurity issues between industry and government is all the rage, but to what end? While much of the last decade of debate over how and when to share information in cybersecurity has focused on responding to a crisis, the […]

100 Ideas for the first 100 days

William Loomis is an assistant director with the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative within the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. In this role, he manages a wide range of projects at the nexus of geopolitics and national security with cyberspace. Prior to joining the Atlantic Council, he worked on market research and strategy at an emerging technology start-up in Madrid, Spain. 

Originally from New York, he holds a BA in Political Science, with a focus on International Relations and Securities Studies from Colgate University.