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Sep 15, 2022

Policy hackers take Vegas

By Will Loomis, Safa Shahwan Edwards, Trey Herr, Stewart Scott, and Sarah Powazek

Every year, in the early August heat, thousands of hackers from around the world head to Las Vegas, Nevada for a series of cybersecurity conferences known as Hacker Summer Camp. This year, the Cyber Statecraft Initiative – and a few friends – decided to ship out to see what all the hype is about.


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Feb 8, 2022

Loomis in Lawfare: Defending fire a need for policy to protect the security of open source

Open-source software has served as an important catalyst for much of modern digital technology, scaling small innovations into widely used features in weeks instead of years. Yet the past few years have shown that open source is at risk. One of the most consequential cybersecurity incidents in recent memory, Log4j, exploited a vulnerability in a […]


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Oct 4, 2021

Introduction: Cooperation on maritime cybersecurity

By William Loomis, Virpratap Vikram Singh, Dr. Gary C. Kessler, Dr. Xavier Bellekens

It is imperative to establish at the outset that there is no silver bullet for maritime cybersecurity. This report is intended to deliver a more complete and operational plan to better protect the MTS by focusing on building upon, broadening, and deepening the priorities put forward by the National Maritime Cyber Plan by focusing on three key principles: risks and standards, information and intelligence sharing, and creating a maritime cybersecurity workforce.

Cybersecurity Defense Technologies

Will Loomis is an associate director with the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative under the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab). In this role, he manages a wide range of projects at the nexus of geopolitics and national security with cyberspace. Prior to joining the Atlantic Council, he worked on market research and strategy at an emerging technology start-up in Madrid, Spain. 

Originally from New York, he holds a BA in Political Science, with a focus on International Relations and Securities Studies from Colgate University. Will is also a Certified Bourbon Steward.