EconSource: Egyptian government to adopt new economic stimulus package

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The interim government is currently preparing a new economic stimulus package that will focus on the industrial, housing and construction, communication and tourism sectors, “in order to restore economic activity and boost employment”, Minister of Finance Hany Kadry Dimian announced. [DNE]

The National Institute of Statistics indicates deterioration in the trade deficit, widening from TND 2.419 billion ($1.532 billion) at the end of March 2013 to TND 3.29 billion ($2.083 billion) by the end of first quarter of 2014. [Al Monitor, Business News (French)]

Tunisia is preparing to launch a national bond and the subscription operation to this effect will start in late April 2014 to mobilize TND 1 billion. The loan has three maturity periods, 7 years, 13 years and 15 years. [African Manager]

The head of the assembly’s finance committee says that cabinet discussions have revealed “large increases” in most categories of the budget. The GNC granted the government an emergency budget of LYD 2.5 billion last month to resolve current problems. [Libya Monitor (sub.-based), Libya Herald]

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