Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum [Liveblog January 15]

With polling stations opening across Egypt and voting underway for the second day in the constitutional referendum, keep up with live updates on EgyptSource here
10:51pm CLT:
High Elections Committee predicts 95% “yes” vote and 55% turnout.

10:20pm CLT: Death count for second day of voting is one, 7 injured. Today’s fatality is attributed to natural causes. Injuries took place at polls in Assiut, Alexandria, Monufiya, Kafr al-Sheikh, and Gharbiya. | Mada Masr

10:08pm CLT:
High Elections Committee will announce election results within 72 hours | SIS

10:01pm CLT: Currently 900 votes have been counted. Follow Masrawy’s live counting to follow the referendum count. For more vote counting results, follow @Shorouk_News
Election Results
9:43pm CLT:
“No” votes appear to be much fewer than “yes” votes in initial counting 

9:42pm CLT:
Initial results show 952 voted “yes and 62 voted “no” in 6 committees in Kirdasa  

9:37pm CLT: 
Democracy International, one of six international organizations monitoring the referendum in Egypt, told Reuters observers that “from a technical standpoint the process is proceeding normally”. | Aswat Masriya

9:34pm CLT:
Counting begins at an absentee poll in Zamalek 

9:19pm CLT: 
Observer reports being asked to leave the room while judges count the votes

9:06pm CLT: Polls closed at 9:00 pm CLT. The vote counting begins.

8:56pm CLT: High Elections Commission releases fifth statement. HEC increased number of absentee voting stations, claim CEIP did not file a permit for election observations and reiterate that polls will close Wednesday at 9:00pm CLT. | SIS

8:46pm CLT: State media reports school principal in Beni Mazar investigated for encouraging voters to vote no | EGYNews (Arabic)

8:40pm CLT:
Reports of exchange of fire between security forces and pro-Morsi supporters in Nahia | Shorouk (Arabic)

8:36pm CLT:
The public prosecutor has denied banning anyone from traveling 

8:34pm CLT: 19 people on “no fly” list for insulting judges case. List includes Amr Hamzawy and Tawfiq Okasha. Charges against them include insulting the judiciary, attempting to influence public opinion in favor of one of the parties and attempting to influence judges.

8:10pm CLT: Eight cases reported in which authorized journalists were denied entry into polling stations, according to Journalists’ Syndicate. One case of assault on a journalist reported

8:07pm CLT:
 Security forces will close Tahrir Square until 25 January 

8:05pm CLT: Low voter turnout in Zamalek, Zamalek Guardians encouraging residents to vote | Ahram Online

8:01pm CLT: VIDEO: Woman dancing after voting in the referendum | Shorouk (Arabic)

7:52pm CLT: Two women arrested for attempting to vote twice in Qena | SIS

7:02pm CLT: Anti-coup Alliance protesting in Alexandria: 

7:00pm CLT: Prime Minister Hazem El Beblawy says order of parliamentary and presidential elections to be determined after the referendum | Egypt Independent

6:50pm CLT: Observers and human rights groups report dozens of violation reports being sent to them from throughout the country | DNE

6:24pm CLT:
Egyptian observers Shayfeencom reports one observer allegedly detained in Port Said:

5:51pm CLT:
 Journalist has been released:

Update – we are out of the police station and told to take nice pictures of Egyptians. #Sigh
— T Todras-Whitehill (@taratw) January 15, 2014

5:40pm CLT:
 Journalist detained for taking pictures at pro-Sisi rally:

Been detained at a police station for taking pics of a pro-Sisi rally in Shubra el Hamis. So far they are being fine w us. Updates to come.
— T Todras-Whitehill (@taratw) January 15, 2014 


5:11pm CLT: Nour Party holds rally in Kafr al-Dawar in support of the constitution. | EGYNews (Arabic).


5:06pm CLT: State media reports Brotherhood supporters set fire to a traffic booth in Heliopolis. | EGYNews (Arabic)


5:01pm CLT: Egypt analysts discuss reasons for more polling stations in the 2014 referendum as opposed to the 2012 referendum under ousted president Mohamed Morsi:

4:22pm CLT: Total number of people arrested since voting began at 500, according to Ministry of Interior:

3:51pm CLT: National Alliance to Support Legitimacy issues statement 166 on the referendum, calling for more protests. | Facebook

3:33pm CLT: Handmade bomb found in Giza, no one was injured | Egypt Independent 

3:20pm CLT
: Freedom and Justice Party says boycott rate on day one reaches 91.7 percent

 3:22pm CLT: PHOTO GALLERY: Egyptians continue vote on constitution | Ahram Online

2:29pm CLT: Minister of Interior says security forces will use live ammunition against anyone who thinks of “approaching the ballot boxes” | Aswat Masriya

1:46pm CLT: According to Minister of State for Administrative Development Hany Mahmoud the approximate turnout on day one of the voting was 28 percent.

1:40pm CLT: Over 160 complaints received nationwide on first day of voting in the constitutional referendum. Results expected early Thursday | Ahram Online

1:33 pm CLT: Bomb found outside Giza polling station | Egypt Independent

12:25pm CLT: Muslim Brotherhood protests in Alexandria to encourage boycott | Egypt Independent 

10:00am CLT: Festivities continue at some polling stations, with a marching band playing alongside soldiers guarding a polling station in Cairo: