Embassy Threatens Suspension of Tear Gas Exports

American-made tear gas

The US embassy in Cairo appeared to sharpen its criticism of the military on December 1, warning that future exports of US-made teargas could be suspended if Egyptian authorities continue to use it to cause death and injury. The Guardian’s live blog reports:

"The warning comes after it emerged that the Egyptian ministry of interior had ordered 21 tonnes of teargas from the US following days of street clashes between revolutionaries and security forces in which countless gas canisters – the majority of them American-made – were launched at civilians, causing serious injuries.

Under Mubarak’s regime in 2009, the US government authorized permanent export licences for $101 million in defense sales to Egypt, including 33,770 units of ‘tear gases and riot control agents," Jack Shenker reported.  Ones hopes that Egypt’s next government will be in the business of protecting human rights, rather than policing its own citizens.

Photo Credit: Charles Onians

Image: egypt-revolution6.jpg