How Egypt’s Revolution Might Have Gone Differently

Reeling from a series of bombings, Egyptians are fearful, insecure, and grasping for a sense of stability as its revolutionaries get caught in the crossfire of the state’s war on the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism. January 25, 2014 marks the thrid anniversary of the Egyptian revolution and many who supported the uprising wonder what change the past three years have truly brought about. Maged Atiya, blogger, physicist, and businessman, takes a hard look at the mistakes made during the course of the transition in his article titled, “An Alternative History of the Egyptian Revolution.” Imagining a world in which revolutionaries possessed the political maturity to focus more on restructuring society rather than street politics, he draws a new course for Egypt where anger might have been tempered by strategy, where moral authority would rest with the youth not the army. His critical historical fiction stands to teach young activists to keep an eye on the larger prize in future battles for freedom. To read his article on EgyptSource, please visit this link.

Image: Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy