Lina Attalah on the Sisi Mania in Egypt

The hypernationalism that has taken hold in Egypt centers around the oft-touted Nasser-like saviour of a nation, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. One can hardly to walk the streets of Cairo without catching some glimpse of homage paid to the General in the form of chocolates, posters, or even provactive internet videos. While providing a degree of levity, Lina Attalah, chief editor for the independent Mada Masr news website, asks how long the cult of personality surroung Sisi could last. Having pinned its own institutional identity on the enmity with the Muslim Brotherhood, the military risks a backlash as the security threat recedes and other concerns begin to surface in the minds of ordinary Egyptians. Read more in her article Happy Birthday, General on EgyptSource.

Image: Photo: Darla Hueske