Michele Dunne on Protester Clashes in Cairo and President Mohamed Morsi’s Response


Appearing on PBS Newshour, Michele Dunne, Director of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, broke down President Mohamed Morsi’s Thursday night speech, following violent clashes at the presdential palace which left at least 7 dead and over 450 wounded. 

Commenting on the speech Dr. Dunne said:

"He offered a very small crumb, I would say, to the opposition. He said that the part of the November 22 decree in which he basically gives himself any power necessary to protect the revolution has been misunderstood and he would be all right with canceling that part of it. And he invited them to a dialogue with…him. However, the dialogue is to be on Saturday, which is when voting outside of Egypt among expatriates would start. And he insisted that voting has to go ahead on the referendum. And I doubt that is going to be acceptable to the opposition."

Watch the entire interview below:


Photo: AP


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