Parliament Names Constituent Assembly Members, but Many Refuse Their Seats


Despite lack of consensus over the critieria for electing a new Constituent Assembly, voting proceeded as planned on June 12, although more than 57 MPs walked out on the session in protest. On June 13, Parliament promptly reseased a list of the 100 elected members, including around 60 Islamists, 28 representatives of civil parties, and a number of professionals, public figures, and members of the judiciary and other state institutions. But it is unclear whether the new assembly — the product of a desperate compromise between Islamists and non-Islamists to preempt a SCAF ultimatum — will satisfy demands for adequate representation of liberals, women and religious minorities.

During contentious negotiations over the selection criteria, non-Islamists had insisted on a 50-50 ratio of civil to Islamist members, but the list of names announced today is skewed in favor of Islamists. Furthermore, it is unclear whether a critical mass of non-Islamists will even agree to take their seats. The Egyptian Bloc coalition — representing a number of liberal and leftist parties — already announced that it will withdraw its members. The High Constitutional Court also pulled its representative, to avoid "taking sides." Even the SCAF’s representative, Mamdouh Shahin, is rumored to be forfeiting his seat over the lack of consensus. It is unlikely that this second Constituent Assembly will survive much longer than its predecessor, if it is already viewed as so illegitimate that even a member of the SCAF doesn’t want any part in it.



1. Abul-Ela Madi, leader of moderate-Islamist Wasat Party 

2. Ahmed Ibrahim El-Halwani, head of the Teachers Syndicate and a member of the Freedom and Justice Party 

3. Ahmed Diab, secretary-general of Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc 

4. Ahmed Omar, head of the Students Union at Zagazig University in Sharqeya governorate 

5. Ahmed Maher Ibrahim Tantawi, April 6 Youth Movement founder 

6. Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa, cassation lawyer 

7. Edward Ghalab, judge 

8. Osama Mohamed El-Abd, head of Al-Azhar University 

9. Osama Yassin, MP for Freedom and Justice Party, head of parliamentary youth committee 

10. Ashraf Thabet Saad El-Din, MP for Salafist Nour Party, deputy president of People’s Assembly 

11. Ahsraf Abdel-Ghafour: Actor, head of Egyptian Actors Syndicate 

12. Ekrami Saad, a revolutionary 

13. Amani Abul-Fadl, a member of the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child 

14. Omaima Kamel, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party 

15. Bishop John Paul Fatla, vice chairman of the International Council of Churches for Catholics 

16. Bishop Paul, Coptic Orthodox Church representative 

17. Ayman Ali, vice President of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe 

18. Ayman Nour, former presidential candidate, leader of Ghad El-Thawra Party 

19. Bassam El-Sayid Hassenein Metawly, MP for Salafist El-Nour Party 

20. Bahaa El-Din Abul-Shoka, prominent lawyer, leading Wafd Party member 

21. Taymour Fawzy Mostafa, Chairman of the Administrative Prosecution Authority 

22. Gaber Gad Nasar, professor of constitutional law at Cairo University 

23. Gamal Gebriel, professor of law at Helwan University 

24. Hossam El-Gherainy, head of Supreme Judicial Council, known for closeness to Brotherhood 

25. Hassan Mahmoud Abdel-Latif, head of the Arabic Language Academy 

26. Hussein Ibrahim, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party 

27. Hussein Hamed Hassan, a member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars 

28. Khaled Mahmoud El-Azhary, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party 

29. Dawood El-Baz, professor of law at Damanhour University 

30. Sameh Ashour, head of Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate 

31. Soad Kamel Rizk, Dean of Faculty of Management and Information Systems, French University 

32. Said Abdel Azim, a member of the Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation and a Salafist figure in Alexandria 

33. Samir Marcus, liberal Christian thinker and writer 

34. Shaaban Abdel-Hamid Darwish, an Islamic scholar 

35. Shaaban Ahmed Abdel-Alim, head of the parliamentary education committee 

36. Shahira Halim Dos, a political activist and member of El-Wafd party 

37. Sobhi Saleh, MP and leading Freedom and Justice Party member 

38. Salah Abdel-Maboud Fiyad, MP for Nour Party 

39. Taher Abdel-Mohsen, a Shura Council member and a member of the Freedom and Justice party 

40. Talaat Marzouk Abdel-Aziz, head of the parliamentary suggestions and complaints committee 

41. Adel Abdel-Hamid Abdullah, justice minister 

42. Atef El-Banna, Cairo University constitutional law professor 

43. Abdel El-Galil Mostafa, general coordinator for National Association for Change 

44. Abdel-Diyam Mohamed Nossair, an adviser for Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb 

45. Abdel-Rahman El-Bar, Islamic scholar, Al-Azhar professor and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood 

46. Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Shukry, head of the Farmers’ Syndicate and a member of the Freedom and Justice Party 

47. Abd El-Send Yamama, professor of international law at Monofeya University 

48. Abdel-Fattah Khattab, head of the Coalition for Tourism Workers 

49. Abdullah Said Abul-Ezz, a judge 

50. Essam El-Erian, MP, head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee and leading Freedom and Justice Party member 

51. Essam Abdel-Rahman Sultan, lawyer and MP for Wasat Party 

52. Atiya Fiyad, Islamic jurisprudence Professor at the Azhar University 

53. Ali Fath El-Bab,a member of the Shura Council for the FJP and head of the council’s majority 

54. Emad Hussein Hassan, deputy interior minister and former head of the Police Academy 

55. Emad El-Din Abdel-Ghafour, Chairman of the Salafist Nour Party 

56. Amr Daraag, a leading Freedom and Justice Party member 

57. Amr Moussa, former presidential candidate, ex-minister of foreign affairs and former Arab League secretary-general 

58. Fouad Badrawy, vice president of the Wafd Party 

59. Farouk Gowida, a poet and writer 

60. Farid Ismail, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party 

61. Safwat Naguib, a priest 

62. Maged Mamdouh Kamel Shabita, State Council member 

63. Maher Ali Ahmed El-Bahairy, first deputy of the constitutional court head 

64. Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel, MP for the Wafd Party 

65. Mohamed Ahmed Sherif, President of the Menya University 

66. Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Kader, farmers’ representatives for the Wafd Party 

67. Mohamed Ahmed Atta Omara, MP for the Nour Party 

68. Mohamed El-Beltagi: MP, Parliament speaker and leading Freedom and Justice Party figure 

69. Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat: MP, head of parliament’s human rights committee and leader of the liberal Reform and Building Party 

70. Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan, prominent Salafist preacher 

71. Mohamed Khairy Abdel-Diyam, former head of the Doctors’ Syndicate 

72. Mohamed Saad Gawish, a young member of the Salafist Call 

73. Mohamed Selim El-Awa, former presidential candidate, Islamist thinker, lawyer, and Wasat Party co-founder 

74. Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, head of the Pharmacists’ Syndicate 

75. Mohamed Abdel-Alim Daud, MP for the Wafd Party 

76. Mohamed Abdel-Moneim El-Sawy, independent MP, head of parliament’s culture, media and tourism committee and Hadara Party founder 

77. Mohamed Ali Bashr, professor at the engineering faculty of the Monofyia University 

78. Mohamed Amara, prominent Islamic thinker 

79. Mohamed Fouad Gadallah, Vice president of the State Council 

80. Mohamed Maged Kholousy, head of Egyptian Engineers’ Syndicate 

81. Mohamed Magdy El-Din Barkat, head of the military prosecution 

82. Mohamed Mahsoub Abdel-Maguid, leading Wasat Party member and law professor at the Menoufiya University 

83. Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel-Salem Abdel-Latif,a lawyer from Al-Azhar youth 

84. Mohamed Mohi El-Din Mohamed, an engineering university professor 

85. Mohamed Nagi Darballa, a Vice president of the Cassation court 

86. Mohamed Yousry Ibrahim, a salafist preacher and former Nour Party spokesman 

87. Mahmoud Ghozlan, official Muslim Brotherhood spokesman 

88. Moatez Belallah Abdel-Fattah, a political science professor and former prime ministerial adviser 

89. Mamdouh El-Wali, head of the Journalists’ Syndicate 

90. Mamdouh Shahin, a Lieutenant-General, defence minister’s aide for legal affairs and a SCAF member 

91. Manar El-Shorobagy, a political science professor 

92. Manal El-Tiby, head of the Egyptian Centre for Housing Rights (ECHR) 

93. Mouncif Naguib Soliman, a judge and member of the Church’s general congregation council 

94. Nader Bakkar, a Nour Party spokesman 

95. Nasr Farid Wassel, An Al-Azhar Sheikh and former grand Mufti of Egypt 

96. Huda Ghonia, an MP for the Freedom and Justice Party 

97. Wahid Abdel-Maguid, a political science professor 

98. Walid Abdel-Awal, an MP for the Nour Party 

99. Yasser El-Borhami,a Salafist Sheikh and Nour Party co-founder 

100. Younis Makhioun, an MP for the Nour Party 


Photo Credit: NaharNet


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