Sahar Aziz Speaks to EgyptSource about Egypt’s New Draft Constitution [Video]

In a series of short videos, Dr. Sahar Aziz, Associate Professor at Texas A&M  University School of Law, spoke to EgyptSource about Egypt’s new draft constitution. Aziz highlights key negative and positive changes in the 2013 draft constitution, as well as commenting on the ramifications of an interim government issuing legislation in light of the anti-protest law recently passed by Hazem El-Beblawy’s cabinet. 

Aziz recently spoke on a panel at the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East on Egypt’s new draft constitution. The full video of the event can be viewed here.

Speaking about the positive aspects in the 2013 draft constitution, Aziz highlights the new restrictions on the president’s ability to call for a state of emergency, a provision for appointing women in judicial bodies,  the parliament’s ability to issue a vote of no confidence and call for early presidential elections, and more:

Speaking about the negative aspects in the 2013 draft constitution, Aziz highlights the jurisdiction of military courts to try civilians, the restriction of freedom of assembly by law, and more:

And finally, Aziz speaks about the ramifications of Egypt’s interim government issuing legislation, particularly in light of the recently passed protest law: