The Week in Egypt [March 17, 2014]

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Quotes of the Week

“As long as they [Brotherhood] are following the rules, playing by the same rules as we are all playing, why should you exclude them? ….The road is open for them, if they so decide. Field candidates, get into the parliament, the ball is in their court.” –Amr Moussa [Reuters]

“We have a reached a place where we feel powerless. I have no faith in the justice system, I only have faith in God now.” — Mona Iskander, Mother of Fadi Samir, a Christian who is currently detained on charges that he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood [Washington Post]

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A Ship Without a Rudder | Michael Wahid Hanna, Foreign Policy

“In the midst of Egypt’s authoritarian relapse, one aspect of the current chaos is particularly alarming: Nobody is actually in charge. While the military as an institution and Army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have both emerged with their positions greatly enhanced, it is a mistake to see the trajectory of events in Cairo as the outcome of an orderly, centralized decision-making process. In fact, the current moment shows just how far the Egyptian state has fragmented during the past three years.”

“The need for course correction is obvious. Egypt’s current trajectory is ruinous, and has further exacerbated the country’s interlinked political, economic, and security crises. How Sisi plans to get the country back on track is far from clear: Interestingly, some senior Muslim Brotherhood officials continue to see him as a potential interlocutor, based largely on their past dealings and an assumption that he is not fully aligned with the factions in the government seeking the Brotherhood’s wholesale eradication. However, this is all conjecture for the moment, as Sisi has not yet sought to dial back the intensity and scope of repression since President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster; rather, he’s been a key figure in constructing public support for Egypt’s ‘war on terror.’”

Everybody Knows| Ala’a Abd El Fattah, Mada Masr

“We have parallel shows, like the discourse of “the small prison and the big prison,” which is our homeland.  I’m sorry. Enough acting; there is no prison except the small prison. In my cell I control nothing, but you have the choice to go out and challenge the authorities.  Perhaps the freedom to choose the time and place of your detention or injury or murder is the only freedom you possess, but it’s a freedom the detainee no longer possesses.”

“Everyone knows that the current regime offers nothing to most of the young people of the country, and everyone knows that most of those in jail are young, and that oppression is targeting an entire generation to subjugate it to a regime that understands how separate it is from them and that does not want, and cannot in any case, accommodate or include them.”

“Everyone knows that there is no hope for us who have gone ahead into prison except through you who will surely follow. So what are you going to do?”

On Twitter: Sami Anan drops out of election, Sabbahi Continues Campaign

Photo of the Week

A poster of army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo [Zeinab Mohamed]

Video of the Week

Former Egyptian general and presidential candidate Sami Anan announced that he is ending his current presidential bid. While Anan delivered his announcement, several members of the press periodically heckled the retired general. After consulting with senior military officials Anan made his announcement citing possible rifts in the military. Anan’s announcement came just days after he claimed to have survived an assassination attempt.