To Elect or Not Elect?


The SCAF continues to insist that parliamentary elections will begin on time November 28.  Whether that actually happens or not might be determined by the size and character of the protest that is now beginning in Tahrir.  Revolutionary groups have promised a “millioniya” (million man march); that is hard, but not impossible, to carry off when the Muslim Brotherhood is not participating.  But even if the demonstration is short of a million, if there are tens of thousands in Cairo and also in other cities demanding a new political timetable, it is hard to see how polls can be held on Monday.

Meanwhile, a few indications of possible delay and alternative suggestions have surfaced.  Al-Jazeera’s Egypt channel reported Nov 24 that, according to its sources, the Interior Minister proposed to the SCAF postponing the first round of elections due to the ministry’s inability to guarantee security at the polls.  Several opposition figures put forward a sensible proposal a few days ago to reschedule the first round of voting at the end of the process.  Under that plan, there would be no elections November 28, but the rounds scheduled for December 14 and January 3 would proceed, to be followed in mid-January by the districts (including Cairo and Alexandria) originally scheduled for the first round.

Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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