Military spokesperson Mohamed Samir revealed in a statement on Tuesday the details of primary investigations into the killing of 22 Egyptian border guards in a deadly attack last Saturday.


Sisi addresses nation on anniversary of July 23 revolution
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi addressed the nation on state TV on Wednesday on the sixty-second anniversary of the July 23 revolution that toppled the Egyptian monarchy. In his speech, Sisi remarked that the majority of the goals of Egypt’s January 25 and June 30 revolutions have been achieved. He also praised the Egyptian army as a ‘solid block’ ensuring the continuation of the Egyptian state and said that the army’s campaign against terrorism in the Sinai is aimed at preserving the dignity of the nation. Sisi also commented on the economy and described the recent rise in energy prices as being in the interest of the nation. He also discussed the current crisis in Gaza and said that Egypt will continue to support its Palestinian brothers. Meanwhile, in a cable to Sisi, Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi said the 1952 revolution was a national and heroic achievement that ended colonization and dependency. He added that the 1952 revolution was meant to build a national army that is able to protect the country. [Ahram Online, SIS, EGYNews (Arabic), Shorouk (Arabic), AMAY (Arabic), Aswat Masriya (Arabic), 7/23/2014]

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Raba’a torture trial adjourned until August 4  
On Tuesday, the Cairo Criminal Court adjourned to August 4 the trial of Muslim Brotherhood leading figures Mohamed al-Beltagy, Safwat Hegazy, and others for allegedly kidnapping and torturing two policemen during a Muslim Brotherhood sit-in. The court allowed the defendants families to attend the trial. Beltagy told one of his relatives, “We are ready for the gallows and for the sentences, but we hope [Sisi] will solve the local and foreign problems.” Hegazy said, “We can bear the hardships. [Sisi] and those who took part in this comedy will pay for it.” He added, “Egyptians will stage a revolution soon.” [Egypt Independent, 7/22/2014]

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Egypt government raises cotton subsidy
Egypt’s economic ministers approve raising the subsidy for spinning companies (private and state-run) to purchase abundant Egyptian cotton to become EGP 350 per quintal instead of EGP 200 ahead of harvest season in September, announced the ministry of, industry, trade and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in a statement on Tuesday. The move is meant to encourage domestic industries to purchase Egyptian cotton as well as support local farmers. [Ahram Online, 7/22/2014]

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EIPR: The government has little interest in financial support for housing
The Egyptian government has not done enough to guarantee the poor’s rights to adequate housing since the adoption of the new constitution earlier this year, said the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). In a statement on Tuesday, the rights watchdog said that of the EGP 11.2 billion allotted for investments or subsidies for various state-sponsored housing projects in the 2014-2015 budget, only .5 percent, or EGP 60 million is likely to help the poor. A report released by EIPR criticized the Egyptian government for its lack of transparency of funding allocations, while other parts of the report described the current low-income housing plan as inaccessible to those in need. [DNE, 7/23/2014]

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Egypt army reveals details of al-Wadi al-Gedid deadly attack on soldiers
Military spokesperson Mohamed Samir revealed in a statement on Tuesday the details of primary investigations into the killing of 22 Egyptian border guards in a deadly attack last Saturday. Samir said that 20 armed militants used sniper rifles, machine guns, hand grenades, and RPGs to attack the checkpoint, violently clashing with the soldiers. A major explosion in the checkpoint’s ammunition storage room caused the high number of casualties, the statement added. The army spokesperson added that two vehicles left behind by the attackers, primed to explode, were confiscated and diffused. The statement did not say who the military suspects of carrying out the attack. The military prosecutor is, however, carrying out the investigation, which confirmed that foreign militants were involved, a military source said. [Ahram Online, DNE, AP, Mada Masr, SIS, Al-Ahram (Arabic), 7/22/2014]

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Palestinians propose Gaza truce followed by 5-day talks: Fatah official
The Palestinian leadership proposed to Egypt a plan for a Gaza ceasefire to be followed by five days of negotiations to stop fighting between Palestinians and Israel, Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed told reporters in Cairo on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, however, the Palestinian decision-making body led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said it was backing Hamas’ demands that an end to the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza and other concessions must form part of any deal to end the hostilities. Abbas’ statements come on the heels of Secretary of State John Kerry urging Hamas to pursue a negotiated end to its conflict with Israel after what he said were constructive talks with Egyptian officials about their ceasefire proposal. Speaking at a press conference with Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, Kerry also thanked “the people of Egypt for their hard work in transitioning to a democracy through their election and in making difficult choices with respect to their economy and the future today.” Kerry left Cairo on Wednesday, heading to Israel for a surprise trip, where he cited further progress in negotiations. Meanwhile, Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations Moataz Ahmadein Khalil condemned violations committed by Israel against Palestinian civilians, as 18 people, among them four who were wounded, crossed into Egypt through the Rafah border. [Reuters, Ahram Online, DNE, Mada Masr, 7/23/2014]

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