Video: Counting Ballots in Port Said

Ballot counting in Port Said

After following the two-day voting process as an official monitor, Michele Dunne captured this video footage of a ballot-counting session in Port Said.  After the close of polls on November 29, ballot boxes were transported in military vehicles to polling stations like this one, located at a sports facility that was once named “Mubarak Hall”:

Counting will continue through the night in the nine governorates that voted in this first round of elections this week, with the results for single-winner races expected tomorrow morning. However, many of the closest races will not be decided until Monday, December 5, when voters return to the polls for a run-off between front-runners in single-winner contests where no candidate won at least 50 percent of the vote.

Final results will not be calculated until next year, due to the long timeframe for the staggered voting process, which will be dragged out in three separate rounds. 

Results for the third of seats contested under the single-winner individual candidacy system will be announced after each of the three stages of the elections. However, for the remaining two thirds of seats (decided by proportional representation), results will not be calculated until after the final round of voting in January of next year.

Photo and Video Credit: Michele Dunne

Image: ballot%20counting.jpg