Armenia Halts Ratification of Turkey Peace Deal

Armenia Halts Ratification of Turkey Peace Deal

From Reuters: Armenia on Thursday suspended ratification of peace accords with Turkey, setting back to square one U.S.-backed efforts to bury a century of hostility between the neighbors. …

"We have decided…not to exit the process for the timebeing, but rather, to suspend the procedure of ratifying the protocols. We believe this to be in the best interests of our nation," Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan said.

He said in an address to the nation that Armenia would keep its signature to the accords, "because we desire peace."

"…We shall consider moving forward when we are convinced that there is a proper environment in Turkey and there is a leadership in Ankara ready to re-engage in the normalization process."

Erdogan said in Ankara Turkey remained committed to the process. "We have frequently expressed our commitment to the protocols in word and in spirit and our goal to fulfill them."

But he gave no sign that he would withdraw the condition that Armenia and Azerbaijan reach a deal on Nagorno-Karabakh, something that has evaded mediators for more than 15 years.  (Reuters Photo)

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