Attacker killed and hostage freed at Estonian Defense Ministry

Police at Estonia

From Steve Roman, Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR):  A shooting drama at the Defense Ministry in downtown Tallinn has ended with hostages freed and the perpetrator killed.  

At 17:45 a police spokesperson said that the gunman had shot himself, while the prosecutor’s office stated that he had been killed during the police operation.

The drama began with initial shots ringing out at 15:10 local time, Aleksandra Solntseva, a spokeswoman for the police’s Northern Prefecture, told ERR. . . .

At approximately 16:50 additional shots were fired and an explosion was heard at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in central Tallinn. Police and ambulance crews thenn entered the building.

According to one ministry official, a former Defense Forces soldier had detonated an explosive device and fired off a shot before taking a security guard hostage. He later released the guard.  (photo: ERR)

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