Baltic states invited to join Nordic defense organization

The Baltic states have "a total population of 6.7 million and a professional military of 20,500."

From AFP:  Nordic nations on Friday invited the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to join a body that aims to smooth cooperation among the region’s armed forces, the Estonian military said.

Lieutenant Commander Ingrid Muehling told AFP that the Baltic trio were formally asked to join NORDEFCO at the close of a two-day meeting of army leaders in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

"The head of the Swedish defence forces, General Sverker Goeranson, presented the Baltic states with an invitation to join NORDEFCO in behalf of all the chiefs of the Nordic defence forces," said Muehling, who is spokeswoman of the Estonian military.

"The Nordic defence cooperation framework NORDEFCO was established in 2009 to promote and strengthen military cooperation between Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland on strategy, foreign missions, training, joint development of some military schools and planning," she added.  (photo:

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