Canada extends commitment to NATO mission in Kosovo

The NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) was established under UN Security Council Resolution 1244

From Canada’s Ministry of Defense:  Today, the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, announced that the Government of Canada has extended its commitment to provide members of the Canadian Armed Forces to support the NATO-led Kosovo Force based in Pristina until December 2014.

“I am very proud to announce that Canada will continue to make valuable contributions to the mission in Kosovo,” said Minister MacKay. “Canada has a proud history of engagement in the Balkans.  This Government remains committed to working with our Allies and international partners to promote lasting security and stability in the region.”

Kosovo Force has been contributing to the maintenance of freedom of movement and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all people in Kosovo since 1999.  Established under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, Kosovo Force supports the development of a peaceful, stable and multi-ethnic Kosovo.  In doing so, Kosovo Force is also responsible for the development of the Kosovo Security Force.  The Kosovo Security Force conducts crisis response operations in Kosovo and abroad, civil protection operations within Kosovo, and assists Kosovo civil authorities during natural disasters and other emergencies. 

“I am pleased we will continue contributing Canadian Armed Forces personnel to support NATO’s mission in Kosovo. It is very heartening to see how much peaceful progress has been made in that region over the last decade, but it is also important that we continue our collective efforts,” said General Tom Lawson, the Chief of the Defence Staff. “I am very proud of the men and women who have served as part of Task Force Pristina. They have represented Canada very well since the current mission began in 2008.”

Eight Canadian Armed Forces personnel currently support Kosovo Force as part of Canada’s Operation Kobold. They serve in a variety of staff roles from assisting in the development of the Kosovo Security Force and its civilian Ministry, to the coordination of logistical support for the NATO force. Earlier this fall, the Canadian Armed Forces increased its commitment to Kosovo Force from five to a maximum of ten personnel.   (photo: KFOR)

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