Carl Bildt: Sweden Developing its ‘Partnership with NATO in All the Different Areas of Mutual Interest’

Exercises with NATO increasingly important to our armed forces

From Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign Ministry:  Up in our North, the air forces of Sweden, Finland and Norway are now training more intensely together than perhaps any other air forces in Europe today.

Next year, they will do this based in Iceland as well.

And we are developing our partnership with NATO in all the different areas of mutual interest.

Exercises with partner nations in NATO will also be increasingly important to our armed forces in the years to come.

While not a member, we see the Article V commitment of NATO to all its member countries as of profound importance to the security of our part of Europe.

Territorial security remains important.

Flow security is rapidly gaining in importance.

And while capabilities are obviously key, in this world of ours what we might call knowledge-based security becomes increasingly important.

In all of this, we must work together, build new partnerships. . .  

Excerpt from remarks by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt at Strategic Military Partner Conference.  (photo: Government of Sweden)

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