From NATO: Dramatic events in the Gulf of Aden last night demonstrated the level of co-operation that now exists between the international counter piracy forces in that region. Following an approach by pirates, the Turkish flagged merchant vessel ELGIZ NUR CEBI issued a distress call. The rapid, determined and coordinated response by both NATO and EU forces however foiled the attack.

The Commander of the NATO Task Force, Commodore Steve Chick Royal Navy said:
“With warships patrolling the International Recognized Transit Corridor and surveillance aircraft operating overhead we now have the ability to seamlessly co-ordinate our response to any pirate attack with the EU and other international counter piracy forces.”

In this case both NATO and the European Union Maritime Force (EUMARFOR) units swept into action. Closest to the scene, the NATO warship HS NAVARINON, quickly closed in on pirate craft. In a co-ordinated action with a helicopter from the German warship FGS BREMEN, working for EUMARFOR, the pirate craft was quickly stopped in the water. (photo: HS Navarinon, NATO)