From the Czech News Agency:  Russian spy Robert Rachardzo did not only discredit the Czech military in NATO but he also developed a contact to Czech top politics, the weekly Respekt writes in its latest issue, citing sources from Czech intelligence services.

From 2004, Rachardzo had a relationship with Vladimira Odehnalova who was office manager of the Czech joint forces commander. He found out that Odehnalova had intimate relations with three of her bosses, Czech generals, Respekt writes.

The three generals are Josef Sedlak, former joint forces commander and later key Czech representative at NATO headquarters in Mons, Belgium; Josef Proks, former deputy chief-of-staff who had been joint forces deputy commander and military intelligence head; and Frantisek Hrabal, former head of the presidential military office who was joint forces commander before Sedlak. …

The three generals provided sensitive information to Odehnalova and therefore Rachardzo about relations and aversions between the heads of the Czech military, weaknesses of the top commanders, stories from their private parties and stances on various military orders, the weekly says.

According to the Czech counter-intelligence BIS, Rachardzo’s cooperation with Russian secret services was launched during his holiday in Crete in 2003. Experts note that he clearly had some special, top secret task because he was controlled by a Russian intelligence officer based in Germany not from the Russian Embassy in Prague on which the BIS focuses its attention.

Rachardzo, a Russian citizen whose father was from Indonesia, moved to Prague in 1992 to study psychology there. Later on, he married a Polish student and the couple decided to stay in the country and received Czech citizenship, Respekt writes.

The BIS knew about Rachardzo’s spying from the very beginning thanks to information from an allied intelligence service, Respekt points out. …

Trustworthy sources told Respekt that the BIS monitored a far more important scandal than the love affairs of three talkative generals: Rachardzo developed a contact in Czech top political circles.

"The public will never learn about it," an intelligence officer said.

"Like in the case of the generals, no direct and active participation in spying could be proved (to the politician who had contacts with Rachardzo), no secret information leaked and it concerned sensitive information on important people and backstage information about some public orders, in which Russia is interested," the source told Respekt.

The politician’s colleagues were acquainted with his links to the Russian intelligence and his access to key data was cut, the weekly writes.

Also from the Czech News Agency:  Czech police to investigate case of alleged Russian spy

The police will investigate the case of alleged Russian spy Robert Rachardzo, who was linked to Czech military senior officers, on the basis of a legal complaint against him filed by lawyer Martin Hadek, the daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes yesterday.

Hadek in the past headed the police section investigating crimes in armed forces.  (graphic: