Medvedev signs new National Security Strategy which identifies NATO and conflicts over energy sources as threats to Russia.

From the Guardian: “The document, which will form Russia’s national security strategy until 2020, also warns of the threat posed to Russia by Nato. The paper says Moscow wants a ‘fully fledged strategic partnership’ with Washington but is opposed to the US’s plans to develop a missile defence system in central Europe.

Ruben Sergeyev, a Moscow-based defence analyst, said: ‘This new doctrine makes clear that the main threat to Russia is the activities of western countries.’

He went on: ‘Russia is seriously concerned about the growing gap between the US and Russia in the military field, and about America’s attempts to dwarf Russia’s nuclear potential by creating new arms systems, placed close to Russia’s borders and in space. It is also worried about the US’s high-precision, long-range, non-nuclear weapons.'”

For intriguing background on the development of Russia’s new National Security Strategy, see Pavel Felgenhauer’s work at the Jamestown Foundation.