Foreign Minister Bildt: “Sweden will not be neutral if Baltic states are attacked”

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt

From Jorge,  Lithuanian Tribune:  [Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt] did recognize that Russian military capabilities are being develop to a great extent but he expressed that they still haven’t manage to achieve the arsenal they had during the Soviet era.

When asked upon about the Swedish objectives on defence and its relations with Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, the Foreign Minister responded that Sweden has a “political alliance” with the Baltic states and they cooperate together within the European Union framework. Furthermore, he said that Sweden will “not be neutral” if any of the Baltic states is attacked. He complemented this perspective by saying that Sweden is not looking to replace NATO or the cooperation the US has with the Baltic states.   (photo: Baltic News Network)

Image: bnn%202%2011%2013%20Bildt.jpg