French Embrace of NATO’s Power Is Huge Step for World

French General Stephane Abrial is the first non-American to be NATO

From the Editors of Bloomberg Businessweek:  Ironically, it was President Barack Obama’s decision to cede leadership of the Libya operation to the French and British that showed the government in Paris that it could use NATO to achieve its goals, much as the U.S. has done in the past.

The new French view of NATO could have enormous consequences for the West’s ability to act in concert to defend common interests. In an era of declining military budgets, Europe can no longer afford to waste money building an EU defense structure that duplicates NATO’s capabilities. Greater French involvement will have the added benefit of strengthening the trans-Atlantic partnership.

Libya demonstrated that the most important U.S. national security relationship is with Europe. It’s worth remembering that when the United Nations authorized military action to prevent Qaddafi from massacring his people, the world turned to NATO, not the rising powers in Asia or elsewhere. From a U.S. perspective, the strengthening of Europe’s commitment to NATO is good news indeed.  (photo: Scott Wagers/USAF)

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