Germany: No Plans to Join Syria Military Action

German Chancellor Angela MerkelFrom AP:  The German government said Friday that it isn’t considering joining military action against Syria and hasn’t been asked by others to do so.

Berlin has called for the international community to take a “clear position” following the alleged chemical attack that killed hundreds of civilians in Syria last week, but has left open what exactly that might entail.

Germans are generally wary of military action and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is treading carefully ahead of Sept. 22 elections. Polls have suggested that a majority of voters oppose German participation in any strike against Syria.

“There has been no request to us for a military commitment, and a German military commitment has never been considered by the government,” Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told reporters. Pressed on whether Germany might later participate in military action, he replied: “We have not considered it and we are not considering it.”

From Spiegel:  On Monday, she [Merkel] came out strongly in favor of an international response to the massacre last Wednesday. “The alleged widespread use of gas has broken a taboo,” Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said. “It requires consequences and a very clear response is needed.”

Foreign Minster Guido Westerwelle joined her. Saying the use of chemical weapons would be a “crime against civilization,” Westerwelle said: “Should the use of such weapons be confirmed, the world community must act. At that time, Germany will belong to those who support consequences.”

Image: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (photo: Jacques Grießmayer/Wikipedia)