Iran trying to buy nuclear missile parts: Norway

Janne Kristiansen, head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST).

From Walter Gibbs, Reuters:  Iran has been trying without success to obtain Norwegian missile technology for possible use in delivering nuclear weapons, Norway’s security chief said on Monday.

Janne Kristiansen, general director of the Norwegian Police Security Service, told Reuters Iran had approached small Norwegian companies that sell "special components that can … be used in weapons of mass destruction, for building missiles." 

Iranian efforts the past year, she said, targeted dual-use technology suitable for civilian products as well as advanced missiles like those that Norwegian contractor Kongsberg Defense Systems makes for several NATO navies and air forces.

"There are many (companies in Norway) that supply missile technology," she said. "I am not pointing the finger at one company. …"

Kristiansen said her agency discovered Iran’s attempts and stepped in before sensitive technology was passed.  (photo: Hakon Mosvold Larsen/Aftenposten)

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